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Trusted Apps for business and family

Locate, track, map and monitor people's security, safety, health and well-being all from your Android Smartphone.

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Intelligent Mobility

Kid Safe

GPS tracking, share feelings.

Trusted Wellbeing

For families.

Trusted Transport

For business.

About Trusted Apps

Trusted Apps allow you to care for people when you cannot be near them. Locate and find people instantly and follow their route with GPS satellite tracking. The app’s ‘Life Sensors’ can detect when a phone is picked-up, being carried, or put down. It can tell you about people’s security, safety, health and well-being. Make private groups for family, friends, and work. e.g. Moms and dads can see children are safe on the school run. If another person collects your child, add them to your Group, and you and your kids can see where they are.